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Steve and Yaser first met in their chemistry class at an American university. Yaser was aninter-national student from Jordan. He was excited to get to know an American. He wanted tolearn more about American culture. Yaser hoped that he and Steve would become good friends.
At first, Steve seemed very friendly. He always greeted Yaser warmly before class.Sometimes he offered to study with Yaser. He even invited Yaser to eat lunch with him. Butafter the semester was over, Steve seemed more distant. The two former classmates didn't seeeach other very much at school. One day Yaser decided to call Steve. Steve didn't seem veryinterested in talking to him. Yaser was hurt by Steve's change of attitude. "Steve said we werefriends," Yaser complained. "And I thought friends were friends forever."
刚开始史帝夫似乎非常友善,上课前他总是热情地和亚瑟打招呼,有时他和亚瑟一起读书;他甚至邀请亚瑟一起共进午餐。但是学期结束后,史帝夫似乎较冷淡了,这两个以前的同学在学校不常碰面了。有一天,亚瑟决定打电话给史帝夫,史帝夫似乎沒有兴趣和他讲话,对于史帝夫态度的改变,亚瑟感到受伤害?!甘返鄯蛟滴颐鞘桥笥?,」亚瑟抱怨,「而且我认为一朝是朋友就永远是朋友?!?br> Yaser is a little confused. He is an outsider to American culture. He doesn't understandthe way Americans view friendship. Americans use the word friend in a very general way. Theymay call both casual acquaintances and close companions "friends". Americans have schoolfriends, work friends, sports friends and neighborhood friends. These friendships are based oncommon interests. When the shared activity ends, the friendship may fade. Now Steve andYaser are no longer classmates. Their friendship has changed.
In some cultures friendship means a strong life-long bond between two people. In thesecultures friendships develop slowly, since they are built to last. American society is one of rapidchange. Studies show that one out of five American families moves every year. Americanfriendships develop quickly, and they may change just as quickly.
People from the United States may at first seem friendly. Americans often chat easily withstrangers. They exchange information about their families, hobbies and work. They may smilewarmly and say, "Have a nice day" or "See you later." Schoolmates may say, "Let's get togethersometime." But American friendliness is not always an offer of true friendship.
After an experience like Yaser's, outsiders may consider Americans to be fickle. Learninghow Americans view friendship can help non-Americans avoid misunderstandings. It can alsohelp them make friends the American way.
Here are a few tips on making friends with Americans:
1. Visit places Americans enjoy: parties, churches, Western restaurants, parks, sportsclubs.
2. Be willing to take the first step. Don't wait for them to approach you. Americans inChina may not know you speak English. They may be embarrassed if they can't speak yourlanguage.
3. Use small talk to open the conversation. Ask them where they're from, why they cameto China, etc. Remember: Be careful to avoid personal questions about age, salary, maritalstatus and appearance.
4. Show an interest in their culture, their country or their job. (Americans like to talk aboutthemselves!)
5. Invite them to join you for dinner or just for coffee or tea. Try to set a specific time.Americans sometimes make general invitations like "Let's get together sometime." Often this isjust a way to be friendly. It is not always a real invitation.
6. Don't expect too much at first. Maybe they're just being friendly. But maybe they dowant to be your good friends. It will take time to tell.
  People like Yaser shouldn't give up trying to make American friends. Americans do valuestrong, life-long friendships, even with non-Americans. When making friends, it helps to have agood dose of cultural understanding.
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